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Senior CRAs registered with FCRA Network can now access exclusive cover designed to cater for their unique professional liability exposures. This cover, designed by FCRA’s broker in conjunction with their underwriters, provides much needed peace of mind in our complex industry.


Financial loss exposures in the life sciences industry have the potential to be immense. Damages for the costs of reworking and reconstitution of a trial or the loss of future revenue could have a major impact on a freelance clinical professional for an actual, or alleged, professional error or omission.

In addition, freelance clinical professionals are now increasingly required to provide evidence of professional indemnity, errors and omissions and general public liability insurance in order to secure projects.

“I have been looking high and low for an insurance policy covering exactly the services I provide. No luck until now.

Thank you so much for the contact.”

Paola A.


Please read our disclaimer!

Now, to clarify please read this dislaimer:

  1. FCRA Network S.L. is not an insurance agency, and we just facilitate the information on this page to you (as potentially interested clinical professional) inside and/or outside of our network for your perusal and interest.
  2. We do not receive any compensation, in any form, for passing you the above information or upon you contracting with the insurance broker, with exception maybe your registration in our network. We would like to get to know you, and would like you to have proper insurance in place, if at all posible.
  3. By providing this information, we do not give any positive or negative insurance advice or recommendation, and the policy conditions might change at the broker’s or underwriter’s discretion, and differ from the related information we supplied or will supply.
  4. Upon registering with FCRA Network S.L. we will pass you the information we have been supplied by the insurance broker, as well as their contact information. We will put you in direct touch with the responsable broker.
  5. It will be your sole decision to proceed with contracting any policy from the broker, or not. No pressure from our side.
  6. We encourage you to look for alternatives before making any decisions, and inform us if you have found a good one. We are interested, and might post it alongside the current information.

Annual premiums start at €250 for professional liability cover and €100 for public liability cover.


A comprehensive package of cover designed to suit your circumstances:

  • Negligence – you may fail in a duty of care by perhaps giving incorrect advice or making a mistake in your work.
  • Legal defence costs
  • Sub-consultants’ work
  • Loss of professional documents
  • Compensation for court attendance
  • Third party bodily injury and property damage

You can be covered for a range of limits up to € 2,000,000

For more information and to register:

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